Spinal Cord Injuries and Disk Herniation from Auto and Other Serious Accidents

Spinal cord injuries have many causes, but they are most commonly associated with major trauma from motor vehicle accidents, slip, trip, and falls, bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, premise liability, and the negligence of others. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury or disk herniation as the result of an auto accident or other serious accident in the state of Oregon, then you are entitled to recover money damages for your accident-related injuries and those damages can be substantial – even if you had a preexisting spinal condition. Call the caring and experienced personal injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss, PC today for a free consultation: 541-617-0555.

Preexisting Spinal Conditions and Insurance Settlements

The human body is composed of bones, which are covered by muscles and skin. In the above video, our partner and lead litigator Tim Williams discusses the back and spine. The human spine is comprised of several parts. The cervical spine is up top. Next is a thoracic area or the “mid-back”. Below that, there’s the lumbar area or the “low-back”, then the sacrum, and finally the coccyx or tail bone.
Back Injuries

The human spine, or “back-bone”, is composed of many small bones. These bones are called vertebrae and they stack on top of each other. The spinal vertebrae create a protective canal around the spinal cord, which extends down the back and from which extend many nerves. In between each vertebra lies a disk. The intervertebral disks are comprised essentially of a harder, fibrous material on the outside and a jelly-like material on the inside. They are softer than bone and that flexibility is what allows the back to move.

Typically, injuries to the back involve the muscles that attach in the rear of the spine. They can involve the bony prominences of the spine itself, where the spine is broken, or the disks themselves, which can bulges or herniated. They can also involve the nerves extending off and away from the spine.

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