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Has a loved one suffered a brain accident or injury because of the fault of another? Do you need help? Get the settlement they deserve.

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC is an experienced, tough, and mature Oregon personal accident or injury law firm that has settled, mediated, arbitrated and tried over 650 personal accident or injury cases over the last three years. We handle all traumatic brain accident or injury cases, big and small, with the same dedication and tenacity that other firms reserve for only big brain accident or injury cases. It is with such an approach that we are able to get each of our clients top dollar for their traumatic brain accident or injury.

What is Brain Injury?

Oregon Brain Injury Lawyers - Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PCOver a million people suffer from traumatic brain injuries each year. Traumatic brain accident or injury (TBI) is also called intracranial injury, or simply head accident or injury, and occurs when physical trauma causes brain accident or injury.

Traumatic brain injury can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on the extent amount of damage to the brain. TBI can cause physical, cognitive, emotional, and social difficulties. The outcome can be anything from complete recovery to permanent disability, or death. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the term used to describe the damage to the brain suffered as a result of a sudden physical force. The human brain consists of billions of microscopic fibers, suspended in cerebrospinal fluid. While the exterior skull is smooth, the inner surface contains ribbing and pronounced bony structures. Impact with these inner surfaces of the skull causes tearing and bruising that results in brain damage.

Experience is very important when dealing with traumatic brain injuries. Fortunately, our personal injury law firm is one of the most accomplished and professional firms in the state of Oregon.  Our attorney are well qualified to handle cases involving brain injuries and are very skilled at navigating the ins and outs of Oregon state law. No case is too small, as even mild brain injury can cause dramatic changes in a person’s life, including visible and invisible cognitive, physical, and mental disabilities. When determining the settlement that a brain accident or injury client deserves, any physical, mental, social, and emotional damages suffered by the victim and his or her family can be very difficult to quantify. Nevertheless, Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC is an experienced brain accident or injury law firm ready to help you get the full representation and settlement you deserve for your brain injury.

Disabilities Resulting from Traumatic Brain Injury

Disabilities resulting from a TBI depend upon the severity of the accident or injury, the location of the injury, and the age and general health of the patient. Some common disabilities include problems with cognition (attention, calculation, memory, judgment, insight, and reasoning), sensory processing (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell), communication (language expression and understanding), social function (empathy, capacity for compassion, interpersonal social awareness and facility) and mental health (depression, anxiety, personality changes, aggression, acting out, and social inappropriateness).

The effects of traumatic brain injury can be profound. Individuals with severe injuries can be left in a long-term unresponsive state. For many people with severe TBI, long-term rehabilitation is often necessary to maximize function and independence. Even with mild TBI, the changes to a person's life can be drastic. Change in brain function can have a dramatic impact on one’s family, job, and social and community interaction.

The top three causes of traumatic brain injuries are vehicle crashes, firearms, and falls. The most common mechanisms of accident or injury (how the brain becomes injured) include:

• Open Head Injury
• Closed Head Injury
• Deceleration Injury (Diffuse Axonal Injury – compressing the brain inside the skull)
• Chemical/Toxic Injury
• Hypoxia/Anoxia (lack of oxygen)
• Tumors
• Infections
• Stroke

Oregon has various time limitations for settling or filing a traumatic brain injury claim. Most statute of limitations run two years from the date of the traumatic brain injury. This means that if you have neither settled your brain injury claim or filed a lawsuit within two years from the date of the traumatic brain injury, then any rights of a monetary recovery you have will be lost forever.

We are an Oregon statewide personal accident or injury law firm, with lawyers in Bend, Eugene, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg and Portland.  Some Oregon personal accident or injury lawyers attempt to serve the entire state out of a single office, either in Portland, Salem, or Eugene, doing everything via mail. Such a remote system often leaves clients feeling left out, with little or no personal communication.

Injured in an Accident? Get a Free Case Evaluation Today!

Injured in an Accident? Get a Free Case Evaluation Today!