Arne Cherkoss - Oregon Injury Attorney

Arne Cherkoss



Arne concentrates his practice on helping plaintiffs obtain their rightful compensation in all types of personal injury cases that stem from accidents, work-related incidents, medical errors, and other catastrophic accidents, including wrongful death.

Arne believes everyone deserves justice and puts that belief to work for his clients by fighting to ensure that individuals and corporations are held accountable for careless and negligent acts that injure or kill the innocent. His record speaks for itself: Arne has used his insurance defense expertise to settle hundreds of cases before they moved to the costly and risky litigation phase. In the process, he has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

Arne’s guidance is focused on a simple philosophy: maximize the client’s recovery, both physical and financial. Arne has earned the trust of his clients through his authenticity, offering an honest assessment of the most effective legal path to achieving that recovery. Recognizing that the injured who consult with him are often experiencing one of the most catastrophic events of their lives, Arne serves as a resource to help re-establish stability and negotiates positions to arrive at creative solutions that may help avoid a long trial.

Arne brings a 360-degree perspective to every case he handles. Having launched his legal career at a law firm that defends insurance companies by helping them minimize and avoid their obligations to injured parties, Arne now applies that knowledge and insight by standing up to insurance companies on behalf of his clients at the other side of the table.

Outside of Law

Arne is an avid snowboarder and he tries to get as many powder days in each season as possible. He enjoys spending time with his wife, young son, and family dog, walking around and exploring Central Oregon.

Arne has a deeply creative side. He taught himself to play guitar at age 12 and was playing in his first band a year later. Arne honed his musical talents throughout high school and college. After graduating from California State University at Dominguez Hills with honors in 1993, Arne gave music his full attention. He immediately formed a new band, and within three months they were touring up and down the West Coast playing original music. In 1994, Arne became a recording artist and found he loved studio work. From 1993 until 2000, Arne played guitar and sang on various records and CDs. He toured the United States and lent his talents to several bands, including opening for Green Day.

I am a family man and a business owner I was a passenger in a life-threatening auto collision, and the challenges that crash set into motion included our financial devastation. I retained Arne Cherkoss to handle the financials of this already overwhelming tragedy. This would have ended in bankruptcy but instead settled peacefully with the chance at starting over as my recovery would allow. Brains and brawn with compassion, integrity, and experience.

Tim W.