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With our warm summers and blue skies Bend, Oregon is a very popular place for motorcycles.  Unfortunately we have our fair share of accidents as well.  Motorcycle accidents are one of the scariest things you’ll see on the road. The drivers have no way of defending themselves aside from a helmet. In a car, you have a ton of metal, seat cushion, and other safety procedures that protect you. On a motorcycle, you’re pretty much on your own. There’s nothing enclosing you in the vehicle. If you’re hit at a high speed, there’s an insanely high chance of injury, and even death. According to the Bureau of Justice, per mile, motorcycles are involved in serious accidents 26 times more than your standard car.

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It doesn’t end there. Although it is advised to always wear a helmet when driving a motorcycle, only 19 states currently require this. Yet the motorcyclist is always blamed for being unsafe and reckless! This is an abomination, and it shouldn’t happen any longer. Some motorcyclists are indeed responsible for accidents, but to associate a negative correlation with every driver is ridiculous and unfair.

Despite what you always see about how drivers should watch out for motorcycles, they rarely do. They’re harder to see, especially at night. The motorcyclists will pay more for insurance, but many times courtrooms decide that the driver of the motorcycle is “reckless” and “dangerous”. This is just the social stigma that surrounds motorcyclists. Everyone thinks of them as the bad boys. You see them all covered up in tattoos, and you associate them with bad driving, aggressive driving, and people tend to think of them as the perpetrator of the crime.

This isn’t always the case though! Motorcyclists are often treated with a negative stereotype from the moment they’re involved in the accident, to the moment they get sent home. Once they’re greeted by the police officer, the stigma already begins. Everyone just assumes that the motorcyclist is fully at fault, and they wrap it up to this.

This is where Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC comes in. We know how to deal with these kinds of cases. In the past, we’ve awarded millions of dollars to motorcyclists, and we will do it again. The negative stigma can be hard to fight against, but our motorcycle accident attorneys know exactly how to deal with this. With over a hundred years of combined legal experience, we’ve fought hard against people trying to frame motorcyclists, and we’ve won. The opposing insurance company doesn’t want you to get any more money than they think you deserve. Let us break down that barrier, and earn you the settlement you truly deserve. Stop into our office, or give us a call and end your suffering today.

Here are some sobering statistics on motorcycle crashes.

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