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A wrongful death occurs when an individual dies as a result of a preventable accident due to the negligence or oversight of another party. While it is more common with more severe situations, such as motorcycle accidents and accidents involving semi-trucks, any type of accident may result in wrongful death. It may occur as a result of a trip and a fall, a slip-on some stairs, or as the result of a complication of a medical procedure resulting in allegations of medical malpractice. More than 136,000 American citizens die in situations that may be categorized as wrongful death each year, with thousands of those occurrences taking place in the state of Oregon.

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A wrongful death usually involves some entitlement to financial compensation for the victim’s survivors. If a victim has dependents, they are often entitled to money as compensation for lost future wages. If the individual was married, their spouse is entitled to compensation for lost companionship. If there were medical bills leading up to the victim’s death, those still need to be covered, and compensation is due to the loved ones for pain and suffering – just as it might otherwise have been owed to a living victim.

There is no way to protect oneself or one’s loved ones from wrongful death, except to observe basic common-sense safety practices.

  • Driving: While driving, obey all rules of the road and traffic laws. Always drive defensively. Don’t rise to the occasion of another driver attempting to jockey for the right of way; that’s just the kind of situation that all too often leads to a serious accident. Wear a seat belt, obey speed limits, and avoid driving under distracting conditions: don’t text, use a cellphone, or otherwise interact with electronics while driving.
  • Riding: While riding a bike or a motorcycle, always pay close attention to traffic laws, and be mindful of nearby motorists who may be driving under the influence, driving while distracted, or who are engaged in behavior that might be characterized as aggressive driving. Wear appropriate safety gear. If you are riding a bicycle, stick to bike lanes wherever possible – and if at all possible, use bike paths or trails to avoid roads entirely.
  • Falling: A slip or a fall may be all that it takes. A traumatic brain injury can result from simply striking one’s head on a hard or edged object, or falling down a flight of stairs, or down a significant drop. In such a case, it can be difficult to come to grips with the fact that a person is really gone from something that might at first seem so innocuous, but in the case of unsafe situations, there is usually someone at fault. Always wear appropriate footwear on the job, and be watchful for slippery or icy surfaces – particularly during inclement weather.

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