Personal Injury Update

It’s been a hectic week here at our personal injury firm… I was supposed to start a trial today in a car crash case with severe low back injuries, including an annular fissure and herniated disks (with not one, but two surgeries required).  It would have been my fourth personal accident or injury trial of … Read More

Do I qualify for PIP benefits?

By Arne Cherkoss PIP benefits Every motor vehicle liability policy issued for delivery in Oregon that covers private passenger motor vehicles must provide PIP benefits. The term motor vehicle means a self-propelled land motor vehicle or trailer, other than (1) a farm vehicle (or other self propelled equipment designed for use principally off public roads, … Read More

What is PIP, what does PIP cover, and can I get it for my motorcycle?

PIP stands for personal injury protection. Oregon law requires all automobile insurance policies issued in Oregon to have PIP benefits. Generally, PIP provides no fault insurance for automobiles. This means your PIP benefits are available even if the accident is your fault. PIP benefits cover things like medical expenses, lost wages, essential services, and funeral … Read More