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Injuries from bicycle accidents can be serious and can often require surgery and rehabilitation.  Talk to one of our experienced bicycle accident attorneys to ensure you are fairly compensated for your medical expenses.

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According to statistics from the Bureau of Justice, there are nearly 1,000 severe bicycle accidents every year within the state of Oregon. While this represents a drastic reduction from recent years, thanks in part to new recognition as to the causes of accidents and newly-provided bicycle lanes and alternative bike trails, bicycle accidents do still happen, to the average of nearly three per day with a degree of serious injury. Unlike a car accident, a bicycle accident is more likely than not to result in severe injury, due to the lack of a large vehicle frame to absorb some of the shock and other forces of the accident. Common effects due to a bicycle accident involving a motor vehicle driver include traumatic brain injuries, full or partial paralysis, multiple broken bones, and damage to the internal organs.

  • Always take the least hazardous route. When riding a bicycle, use bike paths and trails whenever possible, assuming that bikes are allowed on them. Where you find it necessary to use a road, stick to the bike lane. Always make sure that you follow all relevant traffic laws, and never get into a competition with a motorist for right of way – whether you're right or you're wrong, if you're on a bicycle, that's a competition you're not going to win.
  • Ride defensively, and pay attention to any drivers in your vicinity. Ride your bike with the rules of the road in mind. Use all appropriate signals when turning. Make sure that you're visible; at night or in inclement weather, you should dress so that you will stand out in the beams of a car's headlights, and your bicycle should always be equipped with lights and reflective material for maximum possible safety.

If you or someone you know is in recovery from a severe injury incurred in a bicycle accident, it's understandable that going to court to fight for money isn't the first thing on your mind. You want to be able to get back on your feet; you're already fighting one uphill battle. Fighting two at once likely feels like more than any one person can handle, but in the meantime you're being faced with mounting medical bills, and most likely loss of income from your job. You're probably dealing with a slow and painful recovery that makes facing each and every day a challenge. Your immediate family is being supportive, but they're also being stressed by the financial and emotional burdens facing you. Meanwhile, somewhere out there, there is an individual who may be at fault for the situation in which you now find yourself. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident with an at-fault motorist, call the law offices of Dwyer Williams Cherkoss today. Our personal injury lawyers have been serving clients in the greater Eugene area for decades, and are proud to come to the defense of those who require help in their moment of need to secure the means to make a complete and full recovery from their injuries. We have a 98% success rate in successfully representing our client's interests, and we're ready to go to bat for you – to fight for your rights in court, so that you can focus on making as full and complete a recovery from your traumatic experience as you can.

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