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Litigating a truck accident to the fullest extent can be a daunting and expensive prospect. Some attorneys who are working on thin budgets, either have to shy away from these cases because they cannot afford to pursue them, or they end up leaving a large amount of money on the table since they do not have the resources needed to prove certain facts.

At Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, we have the experience and resources in place to try a truck accident case properly.

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tractor trailer accident lawyer Eugene ORThe I-5 Corridor in and around Eugene can be a dangerous place due to high volumes of semi and tractor trailer traffic.  Sometimes, when you're caught in traffic, there is nowhere for you to go. There are few more frightening scenarios imaginable than being caught in traffic, seeing a semi truck slowly merging into your vehicle while you're both traveling at high speeds, and not being able to slow down, speed up, or do anything else to get away without causing an accident yourself.

Large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, have expansive blind spots, within which their drivers cannot see smaller vehicles. This means that truck drivers need to stay alert all of the time while on the road. Statistically, this isn't something that many of them are able to do, a fact which is worsened by the state of mind under which they are often on the road; many of these drivers, due to the pressure of meeting strict deadlines, are driving in a state of exhaustion or worse.

If you've been involved in a wreck with a semi or tractor trailer, contact the Eugene personal injury lawyers of Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC. Some long-haul truckers drive under the influence of substances meant to keep them awake and alert. Many of these, such as caffeine, are perfectly legal, and are normally safe to use... even while operating a vehicle. However, truck drivers may take them in excessive abundance, on a regular basis, and while already fatigued or exhausted. They become accustomed to operating in a state of constant exhaustion and hyper-focus, where they can't focus on more than one thing at a time, or change their area of focus quickly. This actually slows down their reaction time dramatically, except with regards to where they are currently focused directly.

  • Recent statistics show that the percentage of fatalities due to large truck accidents has decreased. This is misleading information! The truth is that the number of fatalities due to large vehicle accidents has increased by nearly 4% in terms of the number of fatalities each year since 2011, but the total number of accidents involving large vehicles has gone up even more; there are now approximately 6% more large vehicle accidents each year than there were a few years ago. So the number of fatalities relative to the total number of accidents has decreased, but the sheer number of deaths has gone up... by hundreds per year, across the United States.
  • The rate of accidents involving large trucks is significantly reduced during inclement weather. This means that, under circumstances which force large vehicle drivers, such as semi truck and bus drivers, to pay attention to the road or risk their own safety directly, the number of accidents involving such large vehicles – and the resulting number of fatalities and severe injuries among the drivers of smaller vehicles – is dramatically reduced. This suggests that a lack of attentiveness on the part of semi truck drivers is responsible for many of the accidents which occur under normal driving conditions.

Many large vehicle accidents are the result of negligence or oversight on the parts of large vehicle drivers. You deserve better than to be sidelined by large corporate interests which have no impulse whatsoever towards attending to the needs of the people that their poor policy-making decisions have victimized; if you find yourself in such a position, give us a call without delay! We have locations in Eugene, OR, and in the greater surrounding region, and we're standing ready to fight for your rights, to ensure that you get the compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering that you absolutely deserve.

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