Filing A Workers Compensation Claim In Oregon

Businesses in Oregon are more likely to have workers compensation insurance than those in many other states. But why is this?

The answer to that question may be quite simple. The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services has recently revealed that employers in the State of Oregon pay some of the lowest insurance rates for workers compensation in the country.

According to the Department, Oregon has the 9th lowest workman’s comp premiums nationwide. In fact, employers who have workers compensation insurance only pay an average of $1.85 per $100 of an employee’s payroll to fund their workers compensation benefits. This stands is in stark contrast to businesses in other west coast states, such as California, which pay almost 3 times the insurance rates of Oregon employers.

Another great thing about Oregon is that it is a safe place to work. Overall, occupational injury and sickness rates dropped from 5.6 to 3.9 in the past 10 years. Lower rates of injury lead to lower payouts under the system. Lower payouts lead to lower premiums.

However, this does not mean that no one in the state of Oregon suffers a work-related injury or illness. If your health has been impacted by your workplace, it is imperative that you file a workers compensation claim as soon as possible. Indeed, many people don’t know that the law requires you to immediately report any work related injury! Doing so will increase your chances of obtaining benefits and decrease your chances that your employer will challenge your claim.

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in Oregon

If you’ve suffered an injury or illness related to your job, tell your employer right away. You should also ask for the Oregon Form 801 to file your claim. It is important to remember that you have a right to file a claim, and your employer cannot prevent you from doing so.

Additionally, if you see a healthcare provider for your illness or injury, tell that provider that your illness or injury was work-related. This will become important if the workers comp claim is to be litigated in the event of denial by the insurance company or issues with your employer.

If you, or a loved one, have trouble filing a claim – whether it’s with your employer or with a denial of a valid claim – seeking experienced legal counsel can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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