Some Final Tips for Your Oregon Workers’ Compensation Claim

This will be my final post in our March series on workers’ compensation claims in the state of Oregon. I hope that you have found my blog posts helpful. To recap, those posts answered the following common questions that clients have asked me about their rights and responsibilities when they have sustained a workplace injury or illness:

  1. How to file an Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  2. Obtaining medical treatment in your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  3. Recovering lost wages in your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  4. Acceptance or denial of your claim and the “interim period”.
  5. Medical treatment concerns in your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  6. Your rights returning to work after an Oregon workplace injury or illness.
  7. Closure of your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.

I would like to close this blog series with some final reminders and suggestions:

  • Make sure to be prompt and to meet all deadlines.  This rule of thumb applies to filing all forms related to your workers’ compensation claim as well as to making appointments.  For instance, it is imperative that you not miss any appointments with the independent medical examiner approved by the workers’ compensation insurance company.  Missing deadlines makes you your own worst enemy.
  • Be in constant, timely communication with your employer throughout this process.  Make sure that your employer knows of your injury when it happens, of the fact that you have filed a workers’ compensation claim, and of when you have been approved to return to work.
  • Remember that mental illness and injury is compensable under Oregon workers’ compensation law, as well as physical injuries.

I hope that these blog posts have been helpful.  Please contact Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC for a free consultation at 541-617-0555 to discuss these or any other concerns about your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.  We have experience and we get results.

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