Case Study: Motor Vehicle Accident

Highway Head-On Collision | $2 Million Settlement

Case Facts

  • Our client and his son were rear-ended by a water tanker while driving on the highway. They were shot into oncoming traffic, hit a vehicle head-on. 

  • Both sustained injuries that required multiple corrective surgeries. 

  • We settled the case for $2 million at mediation.

The Injury

This dramatic collision took place when our client and his son were sitting in their vehicle on Highway 97, stopped and waiting for traffic to clear so that they could turn left. At that moment, a commercial water tanker struck their vehicle from behind and shot them into oncoming traffic. Our client hit an oncoming vehicle head-on, and both he and his son sustained extensive injuries that required multiple surgeries to correct.

Key Successes

The defendant truck driver denied liability and no settlement offer was initially made to our client.

Our client hired DWC to aggressively represent him in this devastating rear-end collision case. After extensive litigation, we settled his case for $2 million at mediation.