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Statistically speaking, motorcycle accidents are the most deadly accidents that occur regularly on the open roads and highways in the United States today. Having declined slightly over the course of the first decade of the 21st century, serious motorcycle accidents are now back in full force. According to the USDOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are approximately 37 times more likely to die in a crash than someone riding in a traditional four-wheel vehicle.

Across the state of Oregon, there are more than 1,000 serious motorcycle-related accidents per year.  This averages out to more than three per day, with many of the victims suffering permanent and life-altering injuries as a result.  However, given the fact that most motorcyclists only ride during the summer months, the average daily motorcycle crashes during this period of the year is actually much higher.

There are several reasons why a motorcycle accident is far more likely than an automobile accident.

  • Impaired Drivers: Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are far more likely to strike a motorcyclist than they are another, larger type of vehicle due to the fact that they have a harder time noticing motorcycles. Similarly, distracted drivers are more likely than attentive and focused drivers to miss seeing a motorcyclist
  • Difficulty with Motorcycles: Motorcycles are much less stable and harder to use than a four-wheeled vehicle. As such, accidents are more frequent when they involve individuals who are inexperienced and cannot avoid a vehicle that suddenly pulls into their lane, or who are driving in inclement weather conditions, late at night, or otherwise during times or situations when it is typically deemed unsafe to operate a motorcycle

In the event of an accident, a motorcyclist has very little around them to protect themselves from injury. Other than a helmet and some durable, heavy-duty clothing, there isn’t a lot to be done against such devastating potential complications as internal organ damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injury, full or partial paralysis, and other serious injuries. In particular, the probability of a traumatic brain injury, which a helmet only partly negates, can involve any number of devastating complications… such as a coma, permanent brain damage, loss of memory, a reduction in cognitive function, and a loss of skill or knowledge pertinent to one’s professional occupation.  Obviously, many motorcyclists who are involved in collisions with vehicles lose their lives at the scene, or shortly thereafter, due to the massive injuries that can result from such a crash.

Why You need a Lawyer That Specializes in Motorcycle Accidents

Don’t let the attorneys representing at-fault drivers boss you around. Don’t take less compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and prolonged suffering than that which you fully deserve. Let our experienced accident litigation legal team at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC fight to get you the settlement you deserve. You shouldn’t have to pay for medical bills, a new motorcycle, and so much more that were the cause of some else’s mistake.  If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident involving another driver who is at fault, call the Medford, OR area offices of Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC for your free consultation today, and get us in your corner.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to take on the insurance companies alone!

Statistics Affecting Our Riders

The chance of injury is very high when you are involved in a motorcycle collision and it is important, for this reason, to be educated about your rights and responsibilities as a motorcycle driver or passenger.

In the state of Oregon in 2015:

  • There were 993 reported motorcycle accidents
  • In which 919 people were seriously injured
  • An additional 61 died (comprising 13.4% of all motor vehicle fatalities)
  • Only 35 accidents did not result in injury or death

Rules of the Road

Motorcycles are deemed “vehicles” for the purposes of the Oregon Vehicle code, and as such they are entitled to the same rights and right of way as any other vehicle on the road.  Unfortunately, many motorists treat motorcyclist as bicycles, and assume that they will stop short of, or otherwise avoid, their vehicle once they pull into the road.  They simply don’t give the motorcycle riders the respect and attention they deserve.  To make matters worse, they often blame the motorcycle rider after a collision, and their insurance company follows suit.  Sadly, much of society is prejudiced against motorcycles, which makes obtaining proper compensation just that much harder.

Fatalities on the Road

Deaths related to motorcycle accidents are on the rise in our state and throughout the nation.  How can we — as drivers, as motorcyclists, and as a culture — decrease the incidence of motorcycle accidents to begin with?

One way to approach this problem proactively is to raise awareness of the causes of motorcycle accidents. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), serious motorcycle accidents across our state most commonly result from the negligent or reckless conduct of other drivers and motorcyclists. The next most common cause of motorcycle accidents is public entities’ failure to properly design or maintain roadways.

Motorcycles may also be involved in serious Oregon motorcycle accidents because of defective motorcycle design or components such as broken steering, defective brakes, etc. Road hazards and driving practices that pose a particular danger to motorcyclists include:

  • Unsafe lane changes that cut off a motorcycle
  • Failure of enclosed passenger vehicle drivers to check their blind spots
  • Inattentive or distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Drivers’ refusal to abide by traffic laws
  • Defective motorcycles or motorcycle components
  • Negligently designed or maintained roads

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an Oregon motorcycle accident, call an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer like those at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC.  We can help – we get results.

If you ride in the state of Oregon, it is important to know your duties as well as what you can do to protect yourself from accident-related injuries or death. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced Oregon motorcycle accident injury attorneys.

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