Case Study: Premises Liability

Premises Liability | $500,000 Settlement

Case Facts

Our client, a young woman under age 21 at the time, was invited to attend a work acquaintance’s birthday party at a large residence in Central Oregon. In the home's backyard was a DIY zipline constructed by the homeowners, which started at a tree platform about 20 feet off the ground and ended in a pond on the property. When our client arrived at the party, she was encouraged to consume alcohol, and other party guests pressured our client to try the zipline. The zipline had no safety features, and our client was not provided any warnings or safety equipment. She had never used a zipline before the date of the incident.

As soon as our client stepped off the zipline platform, she lost her grip and fell to the ground below, suffering multiple compound fractures. She required numerous surgeries and underwent extensive physical therapy.

    Key Successes

    On behalf of our client, DWC pursued a claim against the homeowners and their insurance company. DWC attorneys were able to leverage our extensive experience with Oregon law regarding premises liability claims, as well as our connections and reputation with local defense attorneys and insurance companies. Within just a few months of filing suit, we were able to obtain a $500,000 settlement for our client, which was the maximum amount of insurance available.