Receiving Compensation Following A Dog Attack

Dog bites and dog attacks occur often. In fact, over 5 million men, women, and children become victims of these attacks every year – many of which live in Oregon. In fact, just this month a yard maintenance worker suffered a serious dog bite while she was mowing a lawn in Northeast Canby.

The maintenance worker has alleged that the owner was negligent for allowing the dog to run free when the owner knew that the dog was irritated by the sound and/or sight of lawn mowers. As a result, the maintenance worker was forced to sue the dog’s owner for just under $50,000 for her injuries, including bruising on her backside, as well as aggravation of a pre-existing back injury and further injury to her back.

In October, another woman was injured by a dog while simply walking down the street. There, the victim was also forced to file a lawsuit against the dog owners. In the suit, the victim alleges:

  • That the owners were negligent and knew or should have known that their dog was dangerous and posed a threat to those walking by;
  • That they failed to keep their dog under control;
  • And that they failed to post adequate warnings that would alert passers-by of the dog’s dangerous propensity.

However, unlike with the maintenance worker, the victim here was more seriously injured. Thus, the victim is suing the owners for $630,000 – a figure that includes medical expenses, future medical costs, and noneconomic damages (also known as “pain and suffering”).

Similarly, another Oregon woman was recently forced to sue a dog’s owner for injuries she suffered when the dog bit her hand. She is also alleging negligence and is asking $125,000 in damages.

As you can see, dog attacks are not rare occurrences, and they can cause very severe injuries. Sometimes, particularly if a small child is involved, the attack can even cause death.

If you, or a loved one, have been the victim of a dog attack, you have numerous legal rights. Notably, Oregon has unique laws covering dog bites, so consulting with an attorney who is experienced in handling such lawsuits is imperative to obtaining a positive outcome for your case. The only way to be sure you are fully compensated is to secure an experienced dog bite lawyer.

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